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It is with great pleasure that I, Gülsüm Öztürk, GZ psychologist, take you along in my working method and offer within the Generalist Basic Mental Health Care (GBGGZ) and supervision. With a referral from your GP you can come to me for various mild complaints such as mood, anxiety and trauma-related complaints, self-image problems, perfectionism, study stagnation and fear of failure. Are you motivated to get started with this, sign up, I have no waiting time at the moment. 


I also provide English language therapy.





Gülsüm is a wonderful psychologist who helped me rediscovered my confidence and my potential. She is a good listener and always response with compassion and a well thought answer. She helped me gain new insight on my life from different perspective and gave me great tools that I can use in everyday life (female, 25 years old)


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