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About me

I would like to introduce myself here, although you will of course only get a real impression of me when we have met.

My name is Gülsüm Öztürk and I am a health care psychologist (abbreviated GZ-psychologist), registered cognitive behavioral therapist, supervisor at the association for behavioral therapy and cognitive therapy here in the Netherlands (VGCt) and association for schema therapy in the Netherlands VSt). I am 43 years old and I live with my family in a small town in the Utrecht region. I have a Dutch and Turkish background. Growing up with different cultures has contributed to an open mind and a good portion of empathy.

I love to exercise (walking, cycling, dancing, you name it), reading, writing, singing and discovering my way in entrepreneurship. 

For many years now I have built up a lot of knowledge and experience in mental health care, first in specialized, later in general basic mental health care. Everyone from the age of 18 is welcome, although over the years I have increasingly specialized in young adults, (international) students, starters and expats. 

What characterizes me and my style? I am open minded, enthusiastic, curious, sensitive and I like a joke and some challenge. I like clarity and authenticity. Do not talk too much but also change your actions (of course in a nice way and at your pace). The evidence-based treatment techniques that I apply contribute to this. They are based on the most recent scientific insights and are in line with your complaints and way of learning. So that you can not only think of it differently, but hopefully also experience and do it differently. No half work for me; where the situation permits, in addition to the complaints, we also look at any underlying pitfalls. So that you can work towards a more sustainable result. 

GZ psychologist BIG 49063405725

Supervisor VGCt

Supervisor VSt

EMDR therapist

Member of the NVGzP, professional association

Member of organization for healthcare providers VvAA

AGB personal  94016644 |  AGB practice 94066164

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